Recipe: Appetizing Mushroom soup

Mushroom soup. Mushroom soup is simply soup made with mushrooms. They'll always be a focus of the recipe whether they're grilled, sautéed, or boiled. Other ingredients may include all manner of spices, meats.

Cream of mushroom soup is a simple type of soup where a basic roux is thinned with cream or milk and then mushrooms and/or mushroom broth are added. It is well known in North America as a common type of condensed canned soup. These rich mushroom soup recipes are easy to make at home. You can have Mushroom soup using 16 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Mushroom soup

  1. You need 2 boxes of mushrooms.
  2. You need 1/4 of butter stick.
  3. Prepare of Little bit of oil.
  4. You need of Whole onion.
  5. You need of Garlic.
  6. Prepare of Flour.
  7. You need of Salt.
  8. You need of Pepper.
  9. It’s of Powder garlic.
  10. Prepare of Powder onion.
  11. It’s of Powder thime.
  12. Prepare of Powder rosemary.
  13. Prepare of Cilantro or parsley.
  14. It’s of Beef buiton.
  15. You need of Chicken stock.
  16. It’s of Cream.

Cream of mushroom soup has been a favorite of mine as long as I can remember. Of course when we were growing up it was Campbell's and it came in a can. Mushroom soup is the ultimate comfort food. With switched-up ingredients and creative twists, these popular variations elevate this classic from familiar to fabulous.

Mushroom soup step by step

  1. Mix butter and oil. Then add onions and garlic. After add mushrooms then flour and salt..
  2. Add the stock and the other powder seasonings..
  3. Add cream and the herbs.

It is so simple to make and everything is in a light cream broth so you still. Mushroom soup is a hearty and delicious dish to make on a cold winter night. Mushroom soup is easy to make and is great garnished with cheese and served alongside a crusty piece of bread. Make the most of mushrooms with this comforting mushroom soup recipe made with cream, onions and garlic. Serve for lunch or as a starter with crusty bread.